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Pressure forming, now on the workbench

Injection mold-like quality parts right from the benchtop
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5 times the force, 20 times more detail than vacuum forming

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Pressure Formed
Vacuum Formed
Vacuum Formed Pressure Formed

Material compatibility

The Multiplier can handle a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Choose the best material for your application without compromising on precision.

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Injection molding quality

Create strong, isotropic parts and replicate intricate structures at the sub-micron level, ensuring that every component you manufacture meets your specifications.

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Streamlined workflow

Go from concept to finished product faster thanks to the ease of use and quick setup, reducing lead times and costs. And you can do it all in-house.

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Consistency matters

Design. Form. Repeat. The Multiplier ensures high repeatability and replicability every time you operate it, whether you're running a single part or multiple batches.

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